The Cost of Christmas

Posted in Funny Christmas Poems

Christmas is coming soon,
so much to get, so much to do
Clothes to buy for my 3 boys,
Thats as well as all there toys,
However will i manage, one things for sure
I wont be doing this much no more
So many gifts the list is quiet long
A snooker table,a bike & a phone
Thats just to name a few
I think to myself what will i do
But somehow you get there, what ever the cost
Then Christmas day comes, and goes just as fast
you think to yourself my god at last
then you look at your bills, they make you feel sick
So you work all year round to pay them all off
By then its September
all this worry you don’t remember
then you do it all again
ready for december.

Written/Submitted by Traceybilsbarrow.

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