Funny Men Poems

Just A Not So Smart Girl

I’ll touch you
You’ll touch me
I’ll forget the world
And you’ll forget me

We’ll lay on the couch
Our bodies entwined
I’ll lay there and pretend
Your heart in mine

I know how this works
You’ll say that you love me
But when the going gets tough
All I’ll see is your dust

A cheap thrill for the day
And unlike the smart girls
I didn’t make you pay

Written/Submitted by HidinVictim.

To Have And To Hold

He holds it tightly in his hand
and rarely lets it go,
I gurantee yours does it too
the greedy so and so!

It’s ITV, No BBC
Oh no, its Channel 4
and now i really don’t know
what i’m watching any more!

I guess it;s just a man thing,
My dad, he does it too
instead of getting humpy,
i’ll sit and write to you

So come on girls, lets fight this
Let’s start our own patrols,
We’ll march right up and gram them
Those damn TV controls!!!!!!!

Written/Submitted by Lorraine cole.

Date Jitters

Though you tried to appear calm and cool
Delivering a supply of animating stories
You never failed to drink from your latte
At the speed of one sip per every few seconds
Glass knocking upon table each time you did
You had it all down within fifteen minutes!

Written/Submitted by Fion Lim.

Parking His Car

Till this day we never quite figured it out
On that freezing cold day when we were trembling
Your brother parked his car at the other end
And walked all the way to where we were standing
Just so he could pick up our bags and walk us over
When he could have simply driven his car to our spot!

Written/Submitted by Fion Lim.

To My Surprise

I opened up a fortune cookie
and read it to my surprise
it told me not to fall for the game
that are played by all the guys.
I threw it in the trash
and ignored its stupid message
cause guys are unavoidable
and so are all their messes.

This poem was written/submitted by Jocelyn Feliciano.

Who the Man?

Gorgeous, good looking, handsome man with oozing sex appeal
Like to chat and talk a lot about life and love life
Everything he does comes out naturally
Not a chance for a dull moment with him
Naughty sometimes but you’ll know by heart his a good man…

This poem was written/submitted by Juneah Landicho.