Funny Love Poems

Dangling Carrot

You said if I were to stay with you
I was sure to get married to you one day
Except the wedding date wasn’t guaranteed
I just gotta wait it all out it would seem
Time to ditch the man who dangled the carrot!

Written/Submitted by Fion Lim.

Sacrificing a Comfy Bed

Love could send one far away
Forgoing the warm and comfy bed at home
All across the miles and oceans tediously
Transported to another time and place
Just to share and sleep on a hard bed!

Written/Submitted by Fion Lim.

Illusionary Future

I thought you would turn out great
As you painted a glorious future of us both
Going along with your towering imagination
Till time slipped by and yet you remained
The little guy and not the giant you imagined
Should have pressed you down to thumbnail size!

Written/Submitted by Fion Lim.

Running Date

The things one would do for a shot at love
You who declined and shunned running with us
Claiming you could never have made it
Till a date came along and asked
You readily agreed to go on a running date!

Written/Submitted by Fion Lim.

I Like You

I liked you
you liked your car
i wanted to date you
you wanted to date your car
i love you
you love your car
you broke my hear
so i destroyed your car

Written/Submitted by Dorith.

To My Valentine

More than a catbird hates a cat,
Or a criminal hates a clue,
Or the Axis hates the United States,
That’s how much I love you.

I love you more than a duck can swim,
And more than a grapefruit squirts,
I love you more than a gin rummy is a bore,
And more than a toothache hurts.

As a shipwrecked sailor hates the sea,
Or a juggler hates a shove,
As a hostess detests unexpected guests,
That’s how much you I love.

I love you more than a wasp can sting,
And more than the subway jerks,
I love you as much as a beggar needs a crutch,
And more than a hangnail irks.

I swear to you by the stars above,
And below, if such there be,
As the High Court loathes perjurious oathes,
That’s how you’re loved by me.

Written/Submitted by Ogden Nash.

Roses Are Red

Roses are red
violets are blue
so with our very first kiss
i gave you the flue

Written/Submitted by Aiden Edwards.


I’ll be the L
If you’ll be the V
And she’ll represent O
If he can be E

And if we stand side by side
We’ll make a difference, you’ll see
Cause I’ll be the L and they’ll be the rest
and together we’ll spell LOVE

Written/Submitted by Tara.

The Movie of Our Life

In the movie of our life,
starring you and me.
Hollywood is in for a treat,
wait until they see.

The stage is all ours,
so let’s put on a good show.
We act these roles so well,
but they will never know.

Shakespeare seems out of date,
Romeo and Juliet got old.
Baby they have nothing on us,
so let our story be told.

We write romance scenes,
like forever had no end.
It all comes so natural,
with an amazing girlfriend.

We’ve only gotten started,
the end is far from now.
Nothing can break us up,
not even a broken vow.

People watch the notebook,
is that all Hollywood’s got?
Girl, you and me alone,
make those scenes look hot.

They’ll write a story one day,
and a movie to go with it.
Just get us to act it out,
It would be the greatest hit.

We may never be Hollywood’s hottest,
Brad and Angelina will be in the past.
It will last as long as their careers,
but baby you and I will forever last.

Written/Submitted by Darien.


She is the best girl
More precious than any pearl
She dont need money
She needs a guy thats funny
She never wants a gift
She wants a guy who can give her soul a lift
She is just the perfect one
You get her and your life is done
She is kind, beautiful and hot
She never cares about the car you got
She loves the real you
She loves your soul
After writing all this
I am sorry to say this
She just played me
She is not pearl
She is the bad girl
Damn man i got played!

Written/Submitted by Zubayer.

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