Funny Friendship Poems

Friends Forever

Friends forever you said and were wrong
You told me our friendship would always be strong
But then you met her my life tumbled down
Then I moved to a new school and then a new town…

No matter what my heart is still hurt
My life aint the same memories still lurk
Your still in my mind, your always there
Footsteps in my heart that wont dissapear

But i think ive learned my lesson
I can finally move on
It was nice for a while
But now you are gone..

Written/Submitted by laz wood.

A Friend

A friend is someone who comes in the house without knocking..
A friend is someone who calls your mom his mom..
A friend is someone who eats all your food..
A friend well ask to borrow something and never give it back..
A friend can make you happy in a second when you are sad..
A friend could know what you’ll say without saying anything..
A friend is someone who makes you laugh over the dumbs things..
A friends is someone who tells you to come over and just chill and listen to music..
A friend would make a beat and you’ll start dancing out of nowhere and wont judge you..
A friend well

A friend like mine DION and if there not like that then there not real friends… just people…

Written/Submitted by Anthony Matos.

Like Your Face

The sun is like your face
but its not a disgrace
so many people look up to it
and then they change their ways
and got eat macas with surprise
how many times did you see that sun
omg its an ugly one..

Written/Submitted by chloe whittington.

My friends

My friends help me when I am in a bad thing,
My friends keep me on the right path,
My friends always give me a warning about a boy,
My freinds are true..
Friends are those who smile at you if you have a blooper.
Friends are those who cry with you when you have a lose.
True friends go the path of life with you,no matter what happens.
Best friends are those that care for me
And I care for all my friends
no matter who or what they are.
I love them all…

Written/Submitted by Lallie 13.

Be My Friend

Don’t walk affront of me
Because I won’t follow
Don’t walk behind me
Because I won’t lead
Walk beside me
And be my friend
Just because I don’t see you
Often don’t think that
I’m not there.
Because friends are like
Stars, you don’t always see
Them, but you know
That there always there.
But then I realize
Not always.
And I start to wonder why.
Why my life went so wrong
When all I’ve done was
To follow my blood
I say to myself, why?
Why did my enemy become my best friend?
Why did my best friend become my enemy?
There’s just a point in my life
When I don’t know
What’s going on?
When I started being myself
For once and everything’s
Going wrong
I feel betrayed, backstab, unappreciated
By the one I really cared
My so called friend
That isn’t really there.
I cried and wondered,
Thought about our friendship
And the horrible lies
That was speared beneath us.
But I shouldn’t stress
Anymore because, I found the point
Of my life,
It shouldn’t
Matter to me the lies that people make.
I should move on and worry
About bigger mistakes
I realize who mattered in my life
And who doesn’t anymore
There’s a reason why they didn’t make it to my future.
So I stress no more.

Written/Submitted by Casandra.

Old Dogs

Waiting at the window sill,
watcher of the world;
gleeful squeals, the postman yields,
children race the walk.

Brazen birds abandon skies
to hop a leafy lawn,
playful squirrels scramble high
up trees where they belong.

Younger days would not abide
scoundrels such as these
to carry-on where I preside
without a chase from me.

Now reluctant bones repose,
eyes at restful view,
fix the node that bends the road
for a glimpse of you.

I replay a misty haze
of running in the yard;
you tossed the ball to play,
I would fetch ’till dark.

Rainy nights by the fire,
dancing shadows theme
and with ticking clocks conspired
to lure us into dreams.

Time has tied the years we spend,
mine unfairly few,
here awaits a faithful friend
wrapped in twilight’s hue.

I will fiercely hold these days
’til last breath is drawn
and only then release my watch
to wait for you beyond.

Written/Submitted by Steve Hedrick.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Twinkle Twinkle little star
You should know what you are
And once you know what you are
Mental hospital is not so far.

Author – Unknown

Puppy Love

Sweet smile of your is what I like
Often times I’ve told you, it’s not a lie.
No one can ever make me happy.
In my heart you will always be,
Coz you’re cute just like my puppy…

This poem was written/submitted by Juneah Landicho.

Joker Friend

Fun for me is being with you.
In every little thing you do;
Nice simple jokes we share;
Good memories are everywhere.
Every time you’re near, laughter is in the air.

Remembering you always for being a JOKER…

This poem was written/submitted by Juneah Landicho.

Sweet Smile Of Friend

Sweet smile of yours is what I like,
Often times I’ve told you, it’s not a lie.
No one could ever make me happy,
In my heart you will always be-
Coz you’re cute just like my puppy…

This poem was written/submitted by Juneah Landicho.